Faculty of Economy in Hasselt

Faculty of Economy in Hasselt


The Faculty is composed of two adjacent buildings, one of classrooms and the other of offices. The essential element is the diagonally ascendent agora that spatially and programmatically connects all levels of classrooms with the common space... [+]

Obra Work

Faculty of Economy

Cliente Client

University of Hasselt

Arquitectos Architects

Bevk Perovi? Arhitekti in collaboration with B-architecten

Equipo de proyecto de Bevk Perovi? Bevk Perovi? project team

Matija Bevk, Vasa J. Perovi?, Irene Salord Vila, Martin Tomaži?, Juan Miguel Herrero, Vid Tancer

Equipo de proyecto de B-architecten B-architecten project team

Evert Crols, Johannes Muntinga

Visualización 3D 3D visualization

Urban Petranovi?, Mitja Usenik