The New Arnau Theater, Barcelona
Second Prize

The New Arnau Theater, Barcelona

Second Prize

The Arnau refurbishment project aims to turn the old theater into a contemporary venue fit out with new technical innovations, but also to recover its emblematic cafés and decorated halls evocative of past times and of a way of understanding culture.

In the usual modus operandi of the studio, the first phase undertakes an inventory of original elements that can be recovered and redistributed; and in the second phase the spaces are reoccupied with the elements required for the new program...[+]

The New Arnau Theater, Barcelona (Spain) 

Cliente Client

Arquitectos Architects
Eva Prats y Ricardo Flores (Flores & Prats) 

Equipo Team
Inès Martinel, Clàudia Calvet, Jorge Casajús, Judith Casas, Nina Andreatta, Rebeca López 

Colaboradores Collaborators
AJ Enginyeria (Instalaciones MEP); DM Tècnics (Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor); Marc Comas (Asesor de Teatro y Escenografía Theater and scenography advisor); Juan Ignacio Eskubi (Estructuras Structures); Acústica Arau (Acústica Acustic); Toni Casares (Especialista en instituciones culturales Specialist in cultural institutions) 

Fotografía Photographs
Adrià Goula (maqueta model), Judith Casas (estado actual as-found state)