A series of membranes are arranged between the four main volumes of the art center, generating a sequence of covered public spaces that offer shelter to visitors. Their shape has been designed to deal with situations of extreme rainfall such as typhoons... [+]

Arquitecto Architect

MAYU architects + de Architekten Cie

Cliente Client

Kaohsiung City Government

Equipo Team

Malone Chang & Yu-lin Chen (arquitectos architects); Kwantak AUYEUNG, Yachih KUO, Fenlan CHEN, Mavis LIU, Yayun WANG, J. Hsiu, J. Yang, W. Lo, Y. Mai, C. Chen, Y. Lee, H. Shen, I. Shr, Y. Huang, R. Huang, B. Guo, S. Wang (equipo de proyecto project team); Wei Cheng LI, Yonghao CHEN, Chih-Hung WANG,  Wanzhen CHEN, Qi Yang HUANG, Binghong MA (supervisión de construcción construction supervision)


Branimir Medi? & Pero Puljiz (arquitectos architects); V. Ulrich, M. Ismael, T. Cheng, Ron Garritsen, Albert van Gelderen, L. Cvetko, H. Gladys, C. Eickelberg, M. A. Rival (equipo de proyecto project team)

Ingeniería de estructuras Structural engineers

Arup Amsterdam + Tien-Hun Engineering Consultant Inc.  

Consultoría acústica Acoustics consultant

Peutz & Associates + Gade & Mortensen Akustikk + Prof. Wei-Hwa Chiang NTUST

Consultor de tecnología ambiental Environment technology consultant

Hander Engineering & Construction Inc. + I. S. Lin & Associates

Fotos Photos

Guei-Shiang Ke, Yu-lin Chen, Ya-Yun Wang