Conceived as a ‘space for everyone,’ the project frees up as much ground area as possible to devote it to public use; the first phase is a compact building – to improve its form factor and energy performance –, designed in accordance with the raumplan concept... [+]

Autor Author

Espegel-Fisac + Alberich y Casqueiro

Proyecto Project

Centro Cívico en Gumpoldskirchen?Civic Center in Gumpoldskirchen 

Arquitectos Architects

—espegel-fisac arquitectos—

Carmen Espegel Alonso y Concha Fisac de Ron

—alberich y casqueiro arquitectos—

Raimundo Alberich y Fernando Casqueiro Barreiro

Colaboradores Collaborators

Ana Amo Ardura, Maike Hübner, Loreto Jiménez Rubio, Pedro Torres García-Cantó, Ilaria Pittana, Eva Niño Mendizábal, María Eugenia Diego Salvador