Gothenburg University Library
First Prize

Gothenburg University Library

First Prize

The library is located in the heart of Näckrosen Park, a green space halfway between the city center and the campus.The whole aesthetic of the building, from its composition to the materials and facade colors, brings to mind an open book...[+]

Gothenburg University Library (Sweden)

Cliente Client
Akademiska Hus

Arquitecto Architect 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Buro Happold

Equipo Team
Birk Folke Daugaard, Caroline Rosenberg, Dan Stubbergaard, Dorte Buchardt Westergaard, Francisco José Gómez Tirado, Jacob Blak Henriksen, Margarita Nutfulina, Max Neumeister, Simon Sjökvist, Thomas Krarup, Tonny Jensen, Turid Ohlsson, Ursulo Peniche, Yinan Sun