IE School of Architecture & Design, the first-ever edition of our architecture portfolio speed – review tour


IE School of Architecture & Design, the first-ever edition of our architecture portfolio speed – review tour

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Throughout early March, IE School of Architecture & Design is hitting up key cities in Spain —Pamplona, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, and Madrid— to bring invaluable insights from top architectural studios.

IE wants to put the best foot forward for your professional architectural licensure in Spain and the European Union, with a truly international, entrepreneurial and sustainable approach. IE will provide personalized feedback on your portfolio, if you decide to bring one, along with valuable information on how you can use your portfolio to distance yourself from the competition and seize the next job opportunity.

Event Highlights: Portfolio Reviewers: B720, GVG, FRPO, Ramon Esteve, UNSTUDIO, and more on board, along with IE own Master in Architecture (Habilitante) Director, Marcela Aragüez.

Event Format: In-person sessions in Pamplona, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla, and a hybrid setup (both in-person and online via Zoom) at IE Tower in Madrid.


Register through the Eventbrite link of your city of choice. If you wish to participate online, please register for Madrid, as it will be a hybrid event. You will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to participate with your portfolio.


Have the opportunity to select the most comprehensive, global, and business-oriented Master in Architecture (Habilitante) in Spain. Our program stands out as the one and only, providing a distinctive international and business-oriented approach.

Our master’s in architecture (MArch) combines the rigorous training required to achieve professional licensure in Spain and the European Union with an international, entrepreneurial, and sustainable approach. We help you gain professional licensure, and then redefine the profession. On your own terms. The program consists of three elements: the Thesis Project module, led by world-renowned architect, educator, and entrepreneur Ben Van Berkel, of Amsterdam-based UNStudio; an intensive architectural design and building construction studio based on sustainable technologies and architectural strategies; and the Design Management Module, which builds on our legacy of excellence in entrepreneurial thinking and business training, as applied to the fields of architecture and design.

For more information: IE School of Architecture & Design

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