Winners of the Viewpoint of the Fjords (VOF) competition


Organized by Arquideas, Viewpoint of the Fjords (VOF) Norway, an international competition open to architecture students and young architects, brought in 216 entries from 39 countries. The brief called for a space for contemplation, preferably in the vicinity of the Geiranger Fjord, that would foster interaction between the landscape and the viewer. The jury – including Peter L. Wilson, Atxu Amann, Magüi González, Svein Lund, and the BaBH San Francisco competition winner team (Indibil Solans, Daniel Varga, Lara Arín, Lluis Barcells) decided to give the first prize to Paulina Peña of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the second to Julieta Derdoy and Matías Fidel Moyano of the Catholic University of Córdoba (Argentina), and the third to Camilo Álvarez and Felipe Vázques of the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urban Planning (Uruguay). Five honorable mentions were conferred and the recipients were: Juan Verdaguer, Nicolás Alejandro Giordano, Yasmin Hilen Mayor, and Sebastián Alejandro Rodrigo of the National University of  La Plata (Argentina), Michail Gatzias of the National Technical University of Athens (Grecia), Ivan Bello and Franklind Jesku of the Università degli Studi di Trieste (Italy), Raina Lin and Xinxin Lin of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (USA), and Ann Gutiérrez of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (USA). arquideas

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