A Laboratory for Ideas

Mark Wigley 

New Munch Museum, 2009-2021, Oslo (Norway)

What does it mean to gather together a decade or so of work signed “estudioHerreros” into a monograph? What is it to compact such a diversity of programs, scales, sites, and cultures into a relatively slim volume? The flexible but resilient plastic-coated soft cardboard and glue spine binding these 128 pages also efficiently and perhaps permanently binds all these buildings, public spaces, interiors, and furniture. It binds them so tightly that the effect is a single landscape formed by an array of intimately related objects, or even a kind of family portrait, one horizontal image to be experienced by turning the pages. The eye can so seamlessly move across or into this horizon of nomadic architectural relatives that have all been photographed, drawn, and described in a similar way...[+]

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