Strength of Matter and Genius Loci

Fernando Menis 

This publication is a journey into the work method that we apply in the studio, a tactic which always and as a priority starts off from the angle of respect for and attention to the place we are to build in, and to the client we are working for. Even as we take off from exogenous elements, the process is also tightly linked to a personal trajectory, to an individual way of doing things, the result of years of profound experiences and difficult circumstances, and to the insular and volcanic landscape we grew up in. Key here is respect and passion for every place and what it needs, attention to its original landscape and its possibilities. And interaction with the client, whether public or private, and with the people who in one way or another are going to be affected by the architecture, is a constant.

For all projects undertaken by the studio, there is a modus operandi. We are talking about a process of deep investigation, one of comings and goings, of layers of knowledge, culture, and know-how superposing and impregnating one another; a process based on two basic pillars, reason and emotion, sustaining each project in a continuous dialogue. The equation varies in accordance with the particularities of the work in question, but the balance between reason and emotion, and especially the confrontation between them and the passage from one to the other, is such that every project is soaking in them, until order and balance is achieved and a complex equation is struck which contains the project’s DNA, which then serves as a foundation and guide for its development, and preserves its essence even as it evolves.

The emotional project is compelled to suffer the erosion of reason. Paying scrupulous attention to the conditions of the program, adapting each space to its specific uses, to its structural conditions, and to technical, legal, and economic particularities, makes the molded element forge and gel under the rigor of reason, without ceasing to try to be thrilling at the same time...[+]

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