Reason and Emotion: A Work Process

Víctor Lledó 

For the work process of the studio of Fernando Menis to be understood, it has to be experienced. If you immerse yourself in the way the studio designs, you notice that each project is an experiment. If you go through its trajectory, it is clear that every project undertaken has generated an altogether new horizon in the studio, leaving a visible mark in the form of many drawings rendered on baking parchment and models made with different materials; a compositional and material mark that doubles as a logbook for future projects.

Reason and emotion: one of the works of Menis that best show the dialogue between the two concepts is the Jordanki Auditorium and Cultural Center in Toru? (Poland), the design process of which has needed years to address all the requirements stipulated in the declaration of project intentions that was the brief of the competition won in 2008.

The building had to be unique but timeless at the same time. It had to engage in dialogue with numerous historical buildings of the city. It had to be something that belonged to the land, born from it and identifying with the culture of Toru?. It had to be sufficiently sensitive to exalt the historical gems around while responding to the new urban development that the building itself marked. In sum, it had to be a multifunctional auditorium with the capacity to fuse the new and the old...[+]

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