Aga Khan Architecture Award 2019


Several Works 

Just like any other cliché, the one that links the architecture of the Islamic world with the mere repetition of traditional styles like the Alhambra or with the ostentation of glass skyscrapers in the desert as in Dubai, seems charicaturesque. Several noteworthy works testify to this, from Indonesia to Morocco. Works that are built with good judgement and sensibility to the context by local and foreign architecture studios. The six winning projects are all examples of this: the revitalization of Muharraq, historic capital of Bahrain, carried out by the country’s Conservation Department; the Arcadia Education Project, built in Bangladesh by Saif Ul Haque Sthapati; the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit, by Heneghan Peng Architects; the Public Spaces Development Programme of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation; the Wasit Wetland Center in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates; and finally, the Alioune Diop University Teaching and Research Unit in Senegal, built by the Spanish consulting and engineering firm IDOM using environmental strategies to address the extreme climate of the place.

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