Winning pavilions for Festival TAC! 2024

Winning pavilions for Festival TAC! 2024


The jury of the TAC! Urban Architecture Festival – a program of the Housing and Urban Agenda Ministry (MIVAU) in collaboration with Fundación Arquia – has announced the winning projects for two temporary pavilions at the event’s third edition. Óscar Cruz García and Pablo Paradinas Sastre’s ¡Qué faena(r)! will stand in the city of Vigo (Pontevedra) from 13 June to 14 July, and José Rodríguez and Carlos Montes González’s La Sal in San Fernando (Cádiz) from 23 September to 14 October.

The festival’s objective is to connect contemporary architecture to young practices by reflecting on urban and social themes through temporary pavilions. The first prize comes with a reward of 15,000 euros per team, and the designs will be carried out with a basic execution budget estimated at 90,000 euros.

¡Qué faena(r)! works out an encounter between nature and artifice at Vigo’s Puerta del Sol, through the structure of a wooden platform of the kind used for farming mollusks and mussels, an activity closely bound to the territory and its local economy, with a roof that alludes to the traditional fishing system as an attraction and a shelter for activities.

The pavilion named La Sal seeks to activate the potential of the most abundant and sustainable natural resources of the province of Cádiz. La Sal is grounded on three materials of deep local roots: salt, wood, and steel. Salt is part of the pavilion’s base, in emulation of old salt mountains that are a common sight in the nearby landscape. Wood serves to contain the structure. The emerging element that will recall old means of transporting and decanting salt will be built with steel frames of the kind used to erect scaffolds and other provisional structures.

TAC! 2024 

¡Qué faena(r)!, de Óscar Cruz García y Pablo Paradinas Sastre

La Sal, de José Rodríguez y Carlos Montes González

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