Mario Roberto Álvarez, 1913-2011

Rationalist Rigor

Silvio Plotquin 

The Buenos Aires office of Mario Roberto Álvarez + Asociados has since the mid-20th century developed numerous building with complex and novel programs: from residential projects to large corporate headquarters through hydroelectric dams, theaters, laboratories or hospitals. The works have from the start been characterized by compositional rigor and a degree of technological innovation that is almost always experimental, rendered with a mature and distinctive hand, and with origins in the architecture that Mario Roberto Álvarez (1913-2011) developed in the lapse of time that began with his initial works in the late 1930s to the San Martín General Municipal Theater in the city of Buenos Aires, in 1952-1960, which sealed the firm’s national prestige and is often described as a combination of elements from early rationalist architecture in Buenos Aires, with a telluric ‘classicism’...

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