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Joan Margarit, 1938-2021


“Hi ha una altra poesia, hi serà sempre, / com hi ha una altra música.” Besides the Pythagorean beauty of balanced loads that he pursued in his craft as an architect, Joan Margarit, professor of Structures at the Barcelona School of Architecture, spent his life in chase of the rhythmic beauty of words, as much in his native Catalan as in the Castilian to which he quickly translated his writings, earning, for this endeavor, last year’s Miguel de Cervantes Prize. His death on 16 February cut short a poetic trajectory that was happily wed to the building commissions he took on with his inseparable friend Carles Buxadé. They include the refurbished Vapor Aymerich in Terrassa, the Olympic Stadium on Montjuïc, and the never-ending construction of the Sagrada Familia, and are as acclaimed as his stoic verses.

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