Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas


1962 - 2015

After a long illness, Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas passed away in Granada at the age of 52. A graduate of the School of Architecture of Seville, and later professor there, the career of Jiménez Torrecillas started out in 1987 with Juan Domingo Santos. Together they carried out aesthetically refined works, forerunners of their first prominent intervention in historical contexts: the Centro Guerrero in Granada (2000). It was around this time that he started his exquisite research on materials, reflected in extraordinary works all characterized by their unprejudiced reading of the existing historical elements. Such was the case of his intervention in the Palacio de Carlos V or the Nasrid Wall of San Miguel in Granada, a project that was displayed at the Venice Biennale and which earned the Spanish Architecture Prize to the best intervention in National Historic Heritage, awarded by the CSCAE. There are other noteworthy works like the Pósito and the Torre del Homenaje in Huéscar. His bold, conceptual work was always tied to his native Granada, where he has left an important imprint.

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