Enric Miralles: Five Exhibitions in Barcelona


Enric Miralles died on 3 July 2000, and the twentieth anniversary of his death was to be observed through a number of exhibitions and events which the pandemic put on hold, but which finally opened this past 14 April 2021. Arquitectura Viva joins the collective homage with a text in which Luis Fernández-Galiano recalls his relationship with the architect, marked by articles in El País and coverage of his work in our magazines.

Five exhibitions take stock of his figure and legacy from different points of the Catalonian capital. The main one, ‘Miralles: A quarts de quatre...,’ will open in the emblematic Saló del Tinell, jointly conceived by Benedetta Tagliabue and Joan Roig as a look at Miralles’s designer facet through a wealth of graphic material on four of his most representative works: the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the Igualada Cemetery, Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona, and the Municipal Sports Hall of Huesca.

For its part, Arts Santa Mònica will host ‘Miralles: Photos & Collages,’ offering heretofore unpublished travel photographs, photomontages, and films from Miralles’s personal archives. The Fundació Enric Miralles has organized ‘Miralles: To be continued...,’ which shows another portion of the architect’s rich heritage that has served as a guide for the subsequent trajectory of the studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT. Disseny Hub Barcelona presents ‘Miralles: Perpetuum Mobile,’ delving into Miralles as a designer of objects and furniture; and, finally, the Barcelona School of Architecture will be opening ‘Miralles. A l'Escola,’ throwing light on the subject’s largely undocumented teaching career.

This five-venue tribute is complemented by a series of lectures slated to take place in June at the Catalonia Institute of Architects (COAC), besides several publications.

Book: Memoria de Miralles

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