Francisco Ibáñez Hantke, Necessary Props



The London-based Chilean artist Francisco Ibáñez has been taking photographs since he was given his first camera as a Christmas gift at the age of 14. After training to become an architect, he turned his long-held interest in photography into a career. His lens captures the city behind the scenes – the city understood as a spectacle in constant transformation –, and through the unexpected, sculptural morphology of urban anomalies he refers to as ‘non-structures’ he offers a critical perspective on issues like the destruction or intervention on heritage, collective memory, or the processes of gentrification and segregation taking place in urban centers.

The series ‘Non-Structures,’ whose name alludes to the term ‘Non-Places,’ coined by the French anthropologist Marc Augé, describes the absence of identity in today’s cities and their conversion into artificial stages or metaphors of themselves. 

The Chilean photographer has documented the destruction of emblematic buildings like Robin Hood Gardens and also anonymous corners in London to describe the culture that shapes the city and document the story behind its transformation.

Non-Structures [Collector’s Edition]

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