FAD Award 2015


The Bastida House, Begur (Girona)

Casa Bastida / Hotel Ozadi Tavira

The Bastida House in Begur (Girona) by Ramón Bosch and Elisabeth Capdeferro, and the Ozadi Tavira Hotel in Tavira (Portugal) by Pedro Campos Costa shared first prize in the FAD Architecture Awards. The jury presided by Víctor López Cotelo praised the Bosch Capdeferro’s project’s “great improvement of the preexisting building’s integration in its privileged environment,” and the way “the limits between construction and nature are blurred by light plant-supporting elements which, besides increasing privacy, provide solar protection and improve the relationship between interior and exterior space.” As for the hotel by Campos Costa, the jury referred to “its intelligence and sensitivity in enhancing the attributes of the original construction.” In the City and Landscape category the distinction was given to the project to improve access into the historical quarter of Vitoria, by Fernando Tabuenca and Jesús Leache. The Interior Design Award went to the São Paulo Library in Apelação (Portugal) by Patricia Marques and Paulo Costa, while the Thought and Criticism section acknowledged Desierto and Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme.

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