Dynamic facade

Wind-Powered Piezoelectric Skin


Everyone knows that it is difficult to integrate wind energy production systems in buildings, so the proposal by the Swedish studio Belatchew Architecture Lab – though still within the realm of science fiction – is impressive. They propose a skyscraper – an urban power plant named Strawscraper –, with an energy-producing shell covered in straws that is able to transform wind energy into electricity. The theory is that this effect is achieved through a series of moving appendices that clad the facade, and whose motion produces electricity through piezoelectric effect, that is, through the capacity of certain materials to acquire electric polarization in their mass when they are submitted to mechanical tensions. Hypothetically, this system will permit transforming the facades of urban skyscrapers into small wind parks without needing conventional wind turbines, which make noise, are dangerous for wildlife and are difficult to integrate in buildings. 

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