Composition and Context

Francesco Dal Co 

With its tectonic tone and contextual tuning, the architecture of Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio García Pedrosa has a voice of its own in the contemporary panorama. However, their work cannot be understood without its background: that of modern architecture in Spain.

Francesco Dal Co: You both studied at the Madrid School of Architecture, during what years?

Ángela García de Paredes: Yes, we started in 1975, a crucial year in Spain. Franco died in November, so the School was closed until January. We met because our last names went together on the class list. We were destined by alphabetical order.

FDC: What were the most interesting experiences during this period and what teachers influenced you the most?

Ignacio García Pedrosa: We were lucky to be students when three critical professors were still teaching: Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, Javier Carvajal, and Antonio Fernández Alba. Three personalities that created around them three parallel schools within the ETSAM, so anyone who studied in their departments followed that branch throughout. Ángela and I coincided at Oiza’s course, with many other classmates with whom we have stayed friends... [+][+]

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