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Carlos Sobrini



The Navarrese architect and professor Carlos Sobrini Marín passed on at age 95 on 9 December. His prolific professional and teaching career got going after he finished up at the Madrid School of Architecture – where he won the 1952 National Award for Best Final-Year Project – and continued in institutions like the Seville School and especially the University of Navarre. His work as a practicing architect is characterized by an eclecticism of rationalist roots and covers a spectrum of architectural types that ranges from housing (the Entrecanales development and the experimental dwellings in Madrid) to administrative buildings (tax offices in Girona, Las Palmas, León, and A Coruña) through infrastructures (Barcelona airport), offices (Banco Atlántico branch in Pamplona), and facilities for children (an original theater that gave him the 1959 National Architecture Prize). But Sobrini most made a name for himself in the construction of educational buildings, such as the Pamplona School of Architecture, designed with Rafael Echaide and Eugenio Aguinaga, an exemplary work which in 2019 celebrated its fortieth year. 

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