Burgos & Garrido in Lima


One way to deal with the crisis has been through a change of scale. This, not necessarily through a shift to the world of the small. In fact it has sometimes been in the world of the large, even very large, that an alternative field has been found. A case in point is partly provided by Burgos & Garrido, for whom the immense effort expended on Madrid Río (which recently earned them the Veronica Rudge Green Prize) has been an incentive for continuing to work in territorial and landscaping fields, despite some disappointments: their splendid proposals for the regeneration of the Tajo riverbank in Toledo and their infrastructures for Maribor in Slovenia remain blocked. Now, the first prize in the international competition for the extension of the Art Museum of Lima, one of Latin America’s most important museums, opens up new prospects for the Madrid partners in the area of major cultural facilities. In association with Angus Laurie from Canada and Mariana Leguía from Perú, Francisco Burgos and Ginés Garrido have been selected, out of 387 entry submitters from 56 countries, thanks to a design where the bulk of the enlargement program is buried underground in a narrow pavilion, refraining from competing with the historical museum building and making it possible to create a public square where plants, especially local jacaranda trees, with their violet blue flowers, will play a starring role: a legacy, for sure, of the wide experience in landscaping that the architects have acquired over these past years.

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