Building Stories, by Alastair Philip Wiper


Building Stories, by Alastair Philip Wiper


“Apple-2” House Used in Atomic Bomb Test at the Nevada National Security Site Nevada, USA, 2022

If photographers are characterized by the qualities of their gaze, Alastair Philip Wiper would be described as a precise, ironic eye that fluttered around unfrequented, disturbing, unholy places. In Building Stories, his latest album, published like an artist’s book, the Briton explores spaces, shapes, artefacts, and atmospheres of the ‘nuclear’ universe, offering a sheaf of visual narratives protagonized by some of the most astonishing creations that we might call ‘dark modernity’: towns built for nuclear experiments conducted in the Nevada desert, US government decontamination chambers, anti-radiation basements of Las Vegas hotels, the red toilet of the Albanian dictator Hoxha’s bunker.

Vitra Schaudepot Weil am Rhein, Germany, 2016

Chalet l’Ours II Avoriaz, France, 2012

Pal’s Sudden Service Drive Through Burger Restaurant Tennessee, USA, 2022

Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno, Nevada, USA, 2022

Underground Nuclear Fallout Shelter Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2022

The Danish National Archives (Landsarkivet) Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022

2004 Olympic Aquatic Complex Athens, Greece, 2015

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