Bjarke Ingels, a Spokesman of Optimism

Vicente Verdú 

No one really knows whether to call him an emerging or an already established architect, and the ambiguity continues to work in his favor. What’s sure is that Bjarke Ingels, born in 1974 in Copenhagen, is by now a true star in the international scene. He studied in his native city and in Barcelona, worked for three years in OMA, set up an office, PLOT, with Julien de Smedt, then went on his own and founded BIG, which today is a large corporate brand with works ongoing in different parts of the world. With characteristic eloquence and a body language that is easy to relate with, Ingels describes his architecture as a middle ground between the madness of the avant-gardes and the functionalism of ‘boring’ professionals, and calls his concerns “pragmatic utopias.”...

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