Science and Technology 

3D Printing in Architecture

Digital Artisanship

Óscar Liébana  Adolfo Nadal 

Foster Partners, Habitable Lunar Settlements Study.

In the digital transformation process that is already happening in all production sectors, a new fabrication model has been developed, based on digital information; one that yields objects on site, eliminating the need for transport, through an additive system that leaves no waste, is sustainable, relies on open softwares, and allows making one-of-a-kind pieces at low cost.

In degree of implementation of this method, the building sector has yet to catch up with other sectors, especially those focused on fast prototyping. Both the technology and the applications of 3D printing for construction are still at an embryonic stage of development. The technology has three main uses for current architectural purposes: the making of work models in projects, the large-scale printing of buildings, and the development of customized components of complex constructions...[+]

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