The Growing Pavilion, Eindhoven
Company New Heroes 

The Growing Pavilion, Eindhoven

Company New Heroes 

The project analyzes the necessary transition towards bioeconomy, and defends the ecological and also aesthetic value of biologically based materials, which create unique colors and textures like those of the mycelium panels of the pavilion...

Obra Work
The Growing Pavilion, Eindhoven (Alemania) Growing Pavilion, Eindhoven (Germany)

Diseño Design
Pascal Leboucq (Company New Heroes)  

Concepto Concept
Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man (Company New Heroes) & Eric Klarenbeek (Klarenbeek & Dros)

Equipo de diseño Design team
Pascal Leboucq, Diana van Bokhoven, Emiel Rietvelt, Lucas De Man, Jasper van den Berg, Amber Bloos, Dona Popovici, Naomi Jansen, Anne Caesar van Wieren, Bente Konings, Wouter Goedheer, Bas van Rijnsoever, Isil Vos, Jip Verwiel

Lo han hecho posible They have made it possible
Stichting Doen, Brabant C, BPD cultuurfonds en Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds.

Construcción Construction
Fiction Factory, Tentech, Buitink Technology. En colaboración con In collaboration with: Primum, HuisVeendam, ECO-board,, Braindrop BV, Impershield, Houthandel Looijmans, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, Botanic Bites, BioBased Delta, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), Natuurvezel Applicatie Centrum (NAC), Sounding Bodies, Juro Coating, Noorderwind, Floriade Almere 2022