The complex is built entirely with organic and biodegradable bricks made of corn stalks mixed with live fungal organisms, creating a light and porous wall that makes it possible for the pavilion to function as a bioclimatic building... 

Obra Work
Pabellón Hy-Fi, Nueva York (EE.UU.) Hy-Fi, New York (United States)

Autores Authors
Danil Nagy, John Locke, Damon Lau, Ray Wang, Jim Stoddart, Dale Zhao, Nathan Smith, Christo Logan and Dan Taeyoung (The Living architecture lab, NY)

Ingeniería Engineering
Matt Clark and Shaina Saporta (Arup engineering, New York)

Ecovative Design
Eben Bayer, Sam Harrington, Garrett Scheffler

Colaboradores Collaborators
Gina Albanese, Kristal Reid,  Byron Trotter