Wood Pavilions

FNP Architekten 

In the year 2005 the studio Fischer & Fischer Architekten, formed by Oliver and Susanne Fischer, merged with that of Martin and Stefanie Naumann, of the firm Richter Naumann, to found Fischer Naumann Partnerschaft in Stuttgart. That same year the new office received one of the AR Awards for Emerging Architecture for a small showroom, the result of the refurbishment and upgrading of an old pigsty built in 1780 and which was partially destroyed during the Second World War. They decided to maintain the bold stone walls of the existing building and fit within them a prefabricated wood container on top of which they placed a new roof to protect the interior spaces and the outer walls from the elements. With a similar scale, the team has raised a small pavilion on the plot of a single-family residence that comprises a breakout space sheltered from rain and sun, a sauna and a shed to store garden tools and machinery...[+]

Cliente Client

Landgasthof Forelle GmbH

Arquitectos Architects

Oliver Fischer, Susanne Fischer, Martin Naumann, Stefanie Naumann

Contratista Contractor

Timo Schultz

Fotos Photos

Zooey Braun