Concert hall, Ostrava

Steven Holl  Architecture Acts 

The firm of Steven Holl – with offices in New York and Beijing – in collaboration with Architecture Acts – a Prague practice established by Hana Petrik and Martin Kropac – has won the competition to build the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra’s new home in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava, near the confluence of the rivers Oder and Ostravice.

With glazed openings showing maple wood interiors, the new zinc construction hovers over the House of Culture, a travertine- and ceramic-clad 1961 building by the architect Jaroslav Fragner.

Its irregular curving roof is wide behind and narrow in front. Designed for optimal sound with the help of Nagata Acoustics, the 1,300-seat concert hall is placed in the rear part of the complex, towards the park, while the glass-cased entrance hall cantilevers over the square in front. Auditorium and foyer are connect by a large space above the old building.

The Ostrava Concert Hall is expected to open in 2023.