Smíchov South, Prague
International competition

Smíchov South, Prague

International competition

Within the plan for the new district of Smíchov City, two buildings of offices, with commercial and public spaces at ground level, use the same structural grid and prefab concrete elements of different colors on the facade for sun protection...

Cliente Client

Sekyra Group Real Estate

Arquitectos Architects

Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård

Equipo Team

Gustaf Fellenius (arquitecto de proyecto project architects), Linda Högberg Andersson, Mikael Stenqvist (project architect competition), Joacim Wahlström, Simon Nilsson, Jonas Tjäder, Samuel Vilson, Gustav Bergström, Wilhelm Falk, Fredrika Linde, Isabelle Easterling, Oskar Stare

Socio local Local partner

AED Project A.S, Aleš Marek (Director)