Sensing Spaces Pavilion, London
Kengo Kuma 

Sensing Spaces Pavilion, London

Kengo Kuma 

Within the ‘Sensing Spaces’ exhibition held in 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts, this pavilion wanted to generate the maximum effect on visitors with a minimum amount of material, through light and aroma.

Obra Work

Pabellón Sensing Spaces Sensing Spaces Pavilion

Cliente Client

Royal Academy of Arts

Arquitectos Architects

Kengo Kuma & Associates; Kengo Kuma (socio encargado partner in charge); Ryuya Umezawa (equipo de proyecto project team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Ejiri Structural Engineers, Fragrance Daiko. inc. (estructuras structures); Isometrix Lighting + Design Ltd. Construction Manhole (iluminación lighting)

Fotos Photos

KKAA, Manwhole