Emergency Interventions

The 1960 earthquake and tsunami destroyed most of the urban fabric of Port Saavedra and closed its access to the sea, creating the Imperial Lagoon and eliminating the motor of its economy.

The project stems from the study of the resilient elements (those that absorb the changes produced by a catastrophe), and boosts them by means of building actions carried out in phases...[+]

Cómo reciclar un territorio amenazado por el riesgo de catástrofes naturales 
How to recycle an urban grid which is under threat of natural disasters

Laboratorio de emergencias urbanas (LEMUR)
Director del proyectoProject manager
Benedetta Rodeghiero

Elena Gimeno, Jordi Marfà 

Consultores Consultants
Fernando Flores

Colaborador Collaborator
Ross Péres