Helsinki Guggenheim Museum - AGPS Architecture

Helsinki Guggenheim Museum - AGPS Architecture


The complex is organized in two parts: one at harbor level connecting the building with the city and its industrial flavor, offering views over the port; and a second one that hovers over the former and contains the large open-plan exhibition spaces...[+]

AGPS Architecture
Zurich and Los Angeles 

Arquitectura Architecture
Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham, Manuel Scholl, Matej Draslar (PL), Frederick Kim, Veronica Pizzi, Roman Schwitter, Rosana Wiens—agps— 

Paisajismo Landscape
Nadine Schütz—Echora— 

Ingeniería Engineering
Hermann Blumer 

Energía Energy
Frank Theßeling, Arno Schlüter, Oscar Rueda, Martín Mosteiro—keoto— 

Arquitecto local Local Architect
Robert Trapp, Jari Lonka, Daniela Grotenfelt—L arkkitehdit / L architects— 

Críticos Critics
Kathleen Bühler, Elke Eichmann, Thomas Kramer, Daniel Roos 

Artista Artist
Karin Sander