Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania
West 8 

This plan is the first to be carried out in the 104-year history of these well-known public gardens of more than 436 hectares. These grounds were originally occupied by a dairy farm.

The scheme wishes to offer a solution to the compound’s current problems, to increase the programs and to reorganize the infrastructure and thus reassert the importance of the public gardens.

The complexity of the project (because of its several owners, its dimensions, and the 180 existing structures) is addressed with several independent interventions for each area of the park...[+]

West 8 urban design & landscape architecture
Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania (USA)

Arquitectos Architects
West 8 urban design & landscape architecture, Longwood Archive, West 8 & Weiss Manfredi

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
A. Geuze, C. Agre, J. Maslyn Larson, D. Vasini, D. Zielnicki, H. Choi, J. Koningen, J. Weijts, J. Figueroa, J. Gawendo, R.I. Jordan, S. Carlucci

Consultores Consultants
Fluidity Design Consultants, Sam Schwartz Traffic Engineers, Sherwood Design Engineers, Dagher Engineering, Stuart-Lynn