KANAL - Centre Pompidou, Advvt / 6a / AgwA

KANAL - Centre Pompidou, Advvt / 6a / AgwA


All the exhibition spaces complementary to the museum are gathered under the same roof: the peripheral gallery, open to city; the garage, for temporary exhibitions, experiments and large-scale events; the showroom; and the Interstitial Museum... [+]

Autor Author

Advvt / 6a / AgwA

Arquitectura Architecture

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu, 6a architects, AgwA architectes  

Consultore Consultants

Muck Petzet (estrategias de reducción, reutilización y reciclaje reduce, reuse, and recycling strategies); Mathieu Wellner (estrategias de comisariado curatorial strategies)

Estructura Structure

Bollinger & Grohman  

Técnicas Techniques

HP Engineering  

Paisaje Landscape

Gunther Vogt