Droneport, The Norman Foster Foundation
Norman Foster 

Droneport, The Norman Foster Foundation

Norman Foster 

A droneport project for Africa with an initial plan for three buildings to be completed by 2020, and a larger network so that every small town in Africa can have its own droneport by 2030: this is the ambition of the first project of the foundation created by Norman Foster and recently established in Madrid. The EPFL approached Foster with the concept because of his combination of airport design experience and knowledge of flight as a pilot of sailplanes, helicopters, and aircraft. The Droneport is devised as a ‘kit-of-parts’ including the basic formwork and brick-press machinery. Built by the communities, the raw materials are locally sourced, reducing transport costs and making it more sustainable... [+]

Autor Author

The Norman Foster Foundation

Colaboradores Collaborators

Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, Lausanne EPFL: Future Africa, Blue Line, Red Line, Jonathan Ledgard, Lorenz Meier (ETH)

ODB Engineering: John Ochsendorf (Cambridge, USA), Matthew Dejong (Cambridge, UK), Philippe Block (Zurich), Girogia Giardina

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich ETH: Block Research Group, Philippe Block, Tom van Mele, Hannes Hofmann, Tomás Méndez Echenagucía, Noelle Pavison

Polytechnic University, Madrid: Santiago Huerta Fernández, Esther Redondo, Paula Fuentes, Ignacio J. Gil; construction team: Carlos Martín, Sixto Cordero, Luisel Zayas

Construction Team Venice: Carlos Martín Jiménez, Segundo Victor Simba, Luis Alfonso Tituania Male, Sixto Cordero (MIT), Luisal Zayas (MIT)

LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction, Zurich: LafargeHolcim Research Centre (Lyon)

Airbus Group: Olafur Eliasson (Berlin), Little Sun

Foster + Partners, London and Madrid: Norman Foster, Narinder Sagoo, Roger Ridsdill Smith, Emma Gibb, Tom Budd, Tom Cubitt, Andy Coward, Jonathan Cox, Taba Rasti