Cycling amid Trees, Bosland

Bosland is the largest forest of Belgium’s Flanders region, and it now features an elevated pathway blended into the landscape yet clearly distinct from it. The idea was to give hikers and bikers an unprecedented, ever dynamic view of the trees around. This new exploration experience takes place along a 600-meter route that forms a ring whose diameter is 100 meters.

From above, in its circular perfection the ring may look schematic, but it is the section, not the floor plan, that determines the project. From level 0, the walker or cyclist goes up a relatively gentle, 3% slope, surrounded first by trunks and then by branches, reaching a maximum altitude of 9 meters, at the level of the treetops. At this point begins the descent, in a journey full of surprises made possible by a structure raised off the ground and held up by footings of CorTen steel, a material chosen for its color and durability.