Review: Voyage to Nexialism

Ibai Rigby   /  Fuente:  Texas Architect

The SXSW Interactive Festival (formerly the Film & Multimedia Festival), is already as old as the PlayStation or the Segway — that lumbering early version of the electric scooter that invaded Austin for the event in years past. Although it’s announced as a conference “where creative minds come together to discuss and engage in creative problem-solving around technology, entertainment, and culture,” it still fails to fully engage with architecture professionals.

Nevertheless, the technologies presented at SXSW Interactive go far beyond VR/AR, and every investor knows that the construction industry is ripe for disruption. Last year’s winner of the SXSW Pitch (formerly Accelerator) event went to ICON, an Austin-based start-up that claims to have built the first 3-D-printed house in the United States without a single bricklayer on site and without a single architect on staff...

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