Working with Signs


Alberto Corazón
Images sometimes hide ideas; other times they make them more explicit. Thus we can speak of ‘graphic thought’. To make them beautiful has been the aim of artist Alberto Corazón in a fertile fifty-year career recentlycelebrated in ‘Working with Signs’ , an exhibition in Murcia. Through two essays – one by Enric Satué, another great Spanish designer – its catalog presents the work of Corazón as an industrial designer, a creator of corporate signage, packaging and images – such as those of Once, Mapfre, Ferrovial or Casa del Libro –, and in the 1970s also a daring, committed editor of books on aesthetics, philosophy and semiotics that were unknown in Spain but are now classics.

Alberto Corazón
Trabajar con signos
A. Machado Libros, Madrid, 2013
319 pages Arquitectura Viva 156

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