Disciplinary Tension: Mutating Territories

Peter Eisenman  Sanford Kwinter 

B-52 ‘Bone Yards’, Tucson, Arizona

This debate, held in the spring of 2001, took place at the Rice University School of Architecture, in Houston, and was published by Constructs, the magazine of the Harvard Design School in its autumn issue of the same year.

Sanford Kwinter. At the end of the Anything conference in June 2000, I felt you had become amouth piece for a mounting frustration, even anger, that had developed at the conference, not only about the events of that day but of the entire ten years of the Any project. Now I want to remind you, though you may have tried to change history by revising your text in the Anything book, of what you eventually expressed in that final presentation. You condemned the conference because you felt that it had estranged architecture from itself by engaging too actively, too continuously, a little too freely, with philosophers, economists, and “others”... [+]

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