‘Solitudes of the Andalusian countryside’, by Humberto Ybarra

Source:  El País

Campo de pana.Jerez. 2021.

The Sevillian Humberto Ybarra started out with photography in the 1990s. Since 2009 he has concentrated on this pastime, making it his passion. He has done portraits, still lifes, conceptual images, and especially landscapes. In 2018 the photographer found a path of his own in near-minimalist sceneries dominated by farmlands, showing the characteristic colors of the respective areas and some lone element that helps him compose the images, impregnating his pictures with solitude, peace, and a certain dose of mystery…

El País: ‘Soledades del campo andaluz’

Dominando, Jerez. Junio 2021.

Lagar en Trebujena. Febrero 2020.

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