Saga-Fugue of García and García

Luis Fernández-Galiano 

There are lone careers and choral biographies. Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio García Pedrosa have the latter, not only because they are married to each other and work together, but also because of their ten years of training in the practice of Ángela’s father, José María García de Paredes, and the inevitable ties of both with the large network of kin and kith woven around Pepe and his wife, Maribel Falla, niece of the composer Manuel de Falla and the architects’ link to the world of music. Fifteen years have passed since the early demise of the Spanish master, a sudden death that forced the young couple to take over the reins of the practice and complete projects that were then underway, such as the M-30 housing development, Cuenca’s controversial auditorium in the Huécar River Gorge, and the Auditorium of Murcia, the 1995 opening of which marked the end of the direct legacy of Ángela’s father; she and Nacho, hence, have been on their own for a decade now, so it is a perfect time to make a provisional stocktaking of their work: a stocktaking, nevertheless, that has to begin with their roots in the paternal office, intermingled here with my own biographical debts to the late architect... [+][+]

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