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Rifat Chadirji, 1926-2020


Often dubbed the “father of modern Iraqi architecture,” Rifat Chadirji met his end in London on 11 April. Born in 1925, he was the son of the president of the National Democratic Party, and this proximity to powerful circles, coupled with his talent and capacity for hard work, make Rifat Chardiji a major cultural figure in Iran from the 1950s up to 1979, the year Sadam Hussein officially rose to power. During this period he raised over a hundred buildings, among them the Tobacco Monology headquarters in Baghdad and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier at Firdos Square, which was later replaced by the famous Hussein statue that we saw toppled after the American invasion of 2003. Chadirji was also a prolific photographer who documented the country’s modernization process.

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