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Luigi Snozzi, 1932-2020


In the same Canton of Ticino where he was born and to which he was ever bound died a master of Swiss architecture, Luigi Snozzi, on 29 December, succumbing like so many others to Covid-19. Alongside his friend and occasional partner Livio Vacchini, as well as the likes of Aurelio Galfetti and Mario Botta, he was a leader of Italian Switzerland’s transformation of its urban and rural landscape in the final decades of the 20th century, a neo-rationalist who knew to combine his predilection for austere lines and exposed concrete with a thorough, profound grasp of the history and morphology of each location; an approach which has left the land of Francesco Borromini, among other things, with a collection of distilled one-family dwellings and the exquisite renovation of the Augustinian convent in Monte Carasso.

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