Chile, from Word to Matter

Poetics of Case

Fernando Pérez Oyarzún 

In the past decade, a new generation of architects has come to the fore in Chile, drawing national and international attention. Though true that this architecture co-exists with the quality production of pre-vious generations, it has done much to mark the new tone that, more from abroad than from inside, one perceives in Chilean architecture. The interest sparked by the Chilean Pavilion at Seville’s Expo 92, and the coincidence of building works of the Valparaíso school in Ciudad Abierta with those of young architects at the UIA Exhibition in Barcelona, in 1996, were milestones in the characterization of a new ar-chitecture that begins to be known as such.

Even when this does not spring from homogeneous attitudes and sensibilities, one discerns in it a certain convergence of interests, above all a peculiar way of interpreting things, whether the international architectural debate or some of the currents of thought that have been taking shape in Chile for several decades now...[+]

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