Niemeyer, the Legitimacy of Difference

Carlos Eduardo Comas 

The Project of the Ministry of Education and Health in Rio de Janeiro was defined in 1936. The project for the United Nations Headquarters in New York was proposed in 1947. The project of the Alvorada Palace in Brasília is from 1956. Between the Ministry, built during World War II, and the United Nations, built during the Cold War, Oscar Niemeyer expanded the vocabulary and syntax of modern architecture, lining up his work with the leading projects carried out between 1930 and 1935, especially those of Le Corbusier. Between the United Nations Headquarters and the consolidation of Brasília under a military regime, Niemeyer enriched modern architecture without a change of expression, unlike the Brutalist turn of Le Corbusier and the glass boxes of the American Mies... [+]

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