El Molinete Museum, Cartagena


The project for a memory box like the Molinete Archaeology Museum in the center of Cartagena, recently completed by the Madrid-based practice of Atxu Amman, Andrés Cánovas, and Nicolás Maruri, had to be tackled with a difficult, two-pronged objective: on the one hand to protect the relics discovered on the south slope of the hill, and on the other to address present-day requirements. This was achieved on three levels of action that coincide with three plans. The first, which opens up to the Murcian city, features the entrance and some of the exhibition halls. The second level is designed to give visitors an opportunity to come close to the excavation works, with a balcony hovering over the remains of the past. The third is the heart of the intervention, consisting of an 8-meter-high void over the archaeological footprint, where an elegant structure of pieces of translucent plastic rises, suggesting the original volumes of the Roman curia.

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