Barbanza Ecosocial Lab


Created early in 2020, the Barbanza Ecosocial Laboratory is a project for research in and promotion of environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the Barbanza Peninsula of Spain’s Galicia region.

It is an initiative of Fundación RIA – set up by David Chipperfield in 2016 – in collaboration with the HISTAGRA research group at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, with financing from Fundación Banco Santander and support from the Cátedra Juana de Vega.

The Barbanza Ecosocial Lab focuses on three areas of the peninsula: the Barbanza, Enza, Xian, Dordo, Costa de Abaixo, and O Sobrado mountains, administered by the Comunidade de Montes veciñais en Man Común de Baroña, in Porto do Son; the Froxán mountain, managed by the Comunidade de Montes veciñais en Man Común de Froxán, in Lousame; and the Brañas de Laíño, in Dodro.

With graphics, maps, videos, and articles, the interactive website This first year of Barbanza Ecosocial Lab will conclude with the development of an Atlas of Sustainable Use, a compilation of historical and current knowledge, in which the practices of land use are assessed according to sustainability and innovation criteria. For the second year, with technical and financial support, it will try to promote practices that meet these criteria.

Barbanza Ecosocial Lab

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