Life’s Little Ironies


The New York studio of Richard Meier initially brought together the Dutchman John Bosch (1960) and the Brit Gordon Haslett (1962). Then, while still in the city of skyscrapers, in 1989, they began to work as a team. In 1993, their first prize win in the third Europan competition – for a project in the Greek town of Pyrgos – coincided with their move to Amsterdam, where their studio has been located ever since.

The close relationship that residential architecture has traditionally had with urban planning in the Netherlands is reinterpreted by Bosch Haslett with the programmatic irony that characterizes the latest outcrop of Dutch productions. In the firm belief that ‘a good room is a big room,’ their block of duplex units in Amsterdam offers various diaphanous spaces that can be adapted to different lifestyles. More recently they completed the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital of Utrecht, a residence for the families of sick children that assembles packages of different functional units between slabs of concrete, enveloped in the colorful and dynamic shapes of toys...[+]

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