‘Industrias’, the work of Javier García-Solera


The publishers Carmen Jordá and Maite Palomares recently launched Industrias, first of the ‘Arquitectura moderna y contemporánea. Monografías ETSA-UPV’ series on the work of Javier García-Solera, produced in time with the exhibition of the same title that was on view last year at the Valencia Institute of Architects. Rigorously edited in a compact, attractive format in which plans and black-and-white photos play a leading role, the book presents 55 works addressing diverse programs but sharing formal clarity, abstract language, richness of space, subtle interior/exterior dialectics, and impeccable construction. A selection of texts by the architect completes the book.

Javier García-Solera
U.P.V, Valencia, 2017
286 páginas

Arquitectura Viva 203

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